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Tibetan Buddhist Tangkas & Mandalas
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What is a Tangka and a Mandala?

Tangkas, also spelled Thangka, are paintings used for teaching and meditation. The term tangka is a Tibetan term that means 'something that can be rolled up.' Historically very few Tibetans learned to read and write, including monks; the tangka served as a pictorial lesson that the observer could remember the lessons by association with painted icons rather than the printed script. In a very true sense tangkas are pictoral books with just one page and lots of information. Tangkas further allow for meditation; by seeing and concentrating on the figures painted on the tangka, the practitioner strives for liberation or enlightenment through beholding. Additionally tangkas are said to radiate a positive force relative to the figure contain there on.

Mandalas are symbolic representations of several different cosmic energies. They are seen by some as a two dimensional representation of the Stupa. They have a central point that is the seat of a deity or the deity itself. Out from the deity seat are gates, or cardinal directions that are elements represented by color. These gates many times lead to stupas and a number of symbols. Surround this are 3 or 4 rings, depending upon the type of deity, a wrathful deity will have the ring of sacred burial sites to make the 4th ring.

for more information about the Sange monastery tangkas and mandalas

Additional paintings may be viewed on our Tibetan Buddhist art page, these were hanging in the temples at the lower Sange monastery.

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Shasrabhuja Lokeshvara AKA Avalokiteshvara 1000 arms 11 heads tangka from Tibet painting

Sahasrabhuja Lokeshvara
1000 Arm ~ 11 Head Avalokiteshvara

Comes with brocaide border
Circa 1990
Sold shipped to Oak Park IL

Paramasukha~Chakrasamvara Mother father tangka from Tibetan monastery

Paramasukha~Chakrasamvra Mother father

Circa early 1900s
Price $350.00




Black background Gathering of the saints

This class of Tangka is for advanced practitioners.

Shakyamuni and the Gathering of the Saints tangka hand painted in Tibet by Buddhist monk

Shakyamuni ~gathering of the Saints
Comes with brocade border
Circa mid 20th century
SOLD shipped to Worcester, MA

Amitabha & 17 arhats

Shakyamuni & 18 Arhats
Comes with brocade border
Circa 2000
Price $950.00



Hvashang AKA laughing Buddha tangka from Sange Tibetan Buddhist Monastery

Hvashang AKA Laughing Buddha
Comes with brocade border
Circa 1990
Price $485.00

Palden Lhamo tibetan Buddhist art tangka

Palden Lhamo

Circa mid 20th century
Price $650.00



17 arhats 2000 addition to cannon by Current Dali Lama

This piece was added to the Canon in 2000
by the current Dalai Lama
available by custom order, click on picture to see larger view

Guhyamanjuvajra Sarasvati mother father tangka circe 1880

Guhya~Manjuvajra Sarasvati
With Green Tara

Advanced practice Tangka
Circa mid 20th century

yamantaka Vajrabhairava mother father tangka with palden lhamo mahakala tibetan buddhist tangka

Yamantaka Vajrabhairava mother-father
Circa 2010
Comes with brocade border
Price $775.00


Vaishravana antique tangka certified authentic

Circa mid 20th century
Price $295.00

Note listing is not active contact us if interested


Manjushri Mandala hand painted tangka style in Tibet

Manjushri Mandala
Circa 2005

Manjushri tangka hand painted from Tibetan monastery

Comes with brocade border
Circa 2008
Price $675.00


Tibetan Buddhist Thangka of Green Tara painted in Tibet

Green Tara
with brocade border
age: new
Price $875.00

Tibetan buddhist thangka painting of White Tara painted in Tibet

White Tara
with brocade border
age: new



golden advanced practice Shakyamuni Tibetan Buddhist thangka painted in 24kt gold in Tibet

"The supreme physician depiction"
Auspicious advanced practice thangka in 24kt gold
age: new
Price $595.00





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