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Tibetan Buddhist Water Offering Cabinet B009-06

Tibetan water offering cabinet with blessing and mantra right side of water offering cabinet
front view right side

This is the only water offering cabinet that comes with a blessing. the blessing is at the lower portion of the door, the upper scripts is the 6-syllable mantra (please see iconography below). This is a specifically  designed cabinet  for the water offering; however as with all Tibetan furniture it has multiple usages.  Atisha sanctioned the water offering for Tibet only when he visited there as he found that the water was so pure. These cabinets have been mistakenly identified as reading desks due to a photograph taken by Guicci that shows monks reading at them. When I asked the High Lama at the Lower Sange Monastery about this he laughed and stated how uncomfortable it would be to read at a desk like this (which was my though also).   It has a single door, and the hinges are wood-dowels in the top and bottom edges that fit into a hole bored into the underside of the horizontal frame, with a tapered slot in the bottom frame-opening.   The original leather door-pull is missing, so there is a replacement leather-pull not shown in this picture.  This cabinet is made from Asian cedar and is painted on the front and the inside portions of the offering gallery using the raised gesso or kyungbur  technique. The earliest known use of this technique is at the Wutun Monastery (we have carbon dated a piece to 1510 AD which is 200 years prior to the previous oldest piece) and the monastery is most probably the point of origin of this technique. The sides,  top and back are a natural oil finish. Comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

AGE: 1890-1910s     
 Dimensions:   Height to horizontal offering top=24.5"  Height to top of gallery 30.75"W=29.25" D=15.75"  Door H= 19"  W= 15"


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Iconography will be posted later.