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0310.18 Leopards
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Tibetan Buddhist altar table hand painted with leopards on front
Hand painted top of Tibetan Buddhist altar table with Dharma wheel
front view top view
left side right side

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#0310.18:   This altar has two leopards facing each other. The art work is very nice, the white color has been contaminated from the oil and wax mixture used to preserve the art work. I have cleaned 95% of the oil and wax off and treated it with a durable preservative. The top is done in the layered look. I had originally thought that this was a 20th century innovation, but have now traced it back to a 16th or 17th century altar or tea table. This look is evident on the decorations of the windows in the old section of the Lower Sange Monaster monk's residential compounds. The table comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Kalsan Gyatso, a Tibetan Buddhist Monk at the Wutun Monastery. The door-pull is the vertical  trim ornamented in gesso (kyungbur in Tibetan) at the center of the two doors. The top, front, and both sides  are hand-painted and the attention to detail is exceptional. The only metal hardware on this piece are the brass coins on the drawer fronts. The hinges of the doors are wood-pegs in the doors that fit into a hole in the underside of the top and slide into a groove on the base. The wood is Asian cedar solids. The trim is done in the kyungbur technique that dominates Tibetan Buddhist art and is a hall mark of the Sange artists.

Age: 1965-70
Dimensions (overall)    H=20" W=21" D=14" (inside of doors) H=12" W=18" D=11" (drawer) H=3" D=12" W=8"  (all measurements + or - .25") 


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